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Different To The Others - Atonalist
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Spin 2 - Atonalist
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The Philosophers' Argument - Atonalist
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Gottesanbeterin - Atonalist
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ATONALIST : «atonalism»

Feat. Gavin Friday


out 11 may 2017  CD/LP/DL      buy

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"Like Stravinsky and a Nintendo System got together to make an industrial album" 10/10 (L.B.)

ATONALIST fait fusionner noise et musique contemporaine.

Formé par Renaud-Gabriel Pion avec Arnaud Fournier [ex-ATONALIST], le premier album invite le vocaliste/performer Gavin Friday.

ATONALIST brings together noise and contemporary music.

created by Renaud-Gabriel Pion with [ex-ATONALIST] Arnaud Fournier, the debut album features the guest vocalist/performer Gavin Friday.

recording by R-G Pion & mick heffernan

Mix: R-G pion & 'cali'

mastering: arco trauma

artwork: R-g Pion/layout: alexia de zaltza

Name & concept: r-g pion

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atonalist line-up

Renaud-gabriel pion: instruments, electronics

dik evans: guitar, devices

gavin friday: vocals, performance

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