Renaud-Gabriel Pion is a music composer and an improviser who plays a number of instruments ranging from the bass clarinet to the piano, the Baroque bassoon to the English horn, as well as electronics.

He has released several albums, notably with Radio France, and has collaborated with numerous artists.

He is currently writing an opera with a grant from the Fondation Beaumarchais-SACD (Paris), and has worked for films, for the theatre and for contemporary dance.


Exploring temperament as a tool of expression, he probes music in his geographical and historical dimensions. With a European classical background, he has been developing a world of modern creation, born from an encounter with Anglo-Saxon rock and traditional or primitive music.


Renaud-Gabriel Pion creates music pieces arising from an immersive principle in a real-life or inner environment, rendered in a form of self-staging. He uses programming tools, written notation and improvisation techniques to compose.


Joining the autonomy of indie-classical musicians, he works in a reciprocal causality between the gesture of the instrumentalist and the movement of the composition.

For him, the act of composing and playing is listening, and music awakens forgotten memories in the hearer.


RGP lives and works between Paris and Berlin.

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