Renaud-Gabriel Pion studied the clarinet and the saxophone in the Conservatory of angers and the c.r.r. of paris, and later extended his ability to multiple woodwinds, both modern and Baroque-Renaissance. He then turned to composition and improvisation in the acoustic and electronic fields.


He develops a personal language as well as in composition, by exploring instruments in a stylistic plurality and designing projects with a focus on Temperament, an expressive dimension found at the heart of all musical styles and cultures, today and throughout History.


Pion has published several albums for Radio France/Outhere and other labels, for formats ranging from the duo to the orchestra, or in the electronica category. He has collaborated with numerous artists outside of the classical world (Bob Wilson, Elvis Costello, John Cale, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Arto Lindsay, …) and has worked for films (in the USA and Europe), for the theatre and for contemporary dance.


Pion received a grant from the Fondation Beaumarchais-SACD for his ongoing opera project Gilgamesh, Death in Each Breath.


He uses programming tools, written notation and improvisation techniques to compose.

Joining the autonomy of indie-classical musicians, he works in a reciprocal causality between gestures and For him, the acts of composing and playing are same as listening.


pion divides his time between Paris and Berlin.

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