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robert wilson quotes



As heard in a Robert Wilson creative residency with CocoRosie
Espace Cardin-Théâtre de la Ville, Paris, May 2018

"The two most important things in theater are: 1 to LISTEN and 2 to HAVE FUN on stage."

"Keep the tension (in spoken text) ! These pauses are Death !!"
"Everything is artificial in this other world."
"I hate naturalism !"

"Posture: lean forward (= being aggressive) not backward (= being aggressed)... Put your weight forward." 
"Everything is dance, think of it when you move."
"You don't know what's gonna happen: don't think ahead of your move."

"Smile. No one wants to see a serious face on stage."

"In Chinese theater they do this (gets up on stage and shows movement)... Look at silent movies..." 
"The eye movement has been completely lost in modern theater. A real shame."
"Keep you eye
s moving with your head - not ahead of your head."

"I never start with too many definite ideas because then you waste time trying to realize them.

Better to work with actors, musicians and staging together and let ideas come."

"Do it over and over again. Till it's in your body. Your body knows better than your mind."
Charlie Chaplin to R 
Wilson: "My dear boy, before Limelight I had been doing that Flea Circus number for 45 years."


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