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Renaud-Gabriel Pion, clarinetist, multi-instrumentalist on modern and baroque/Renaissance woodwinds, and composer, using electronics, has published several thematic albums ranging from solo to orchestra. As improviser, he notably explores temperaments and timbres in Early and modal music.

RGP leads the Ensemble 1529, a post-minimalist orchestra created in 2019 for Radio France (Spiritus), and the production outfit harmodal.

He completed (dec 2022) a contemporary opera following projects that have summoned sound design, vocality, instrumental gesture, archeology of the soundscape. He is for this a scholarship holder of the Beaumarchais-SACD Foundation.

He develops a language in a plurality and a preoccupation with temperament, a dimension which crosses musical styles and cultures.
RGP uses to compose programming tools, written notations as well as improvisation processes, and regards composition and playing as listening.

Pion has released several albums for Radio France/Outhere and other labels. He also appears in numerous collaborations and has worked for films, for the theatre and contemporary dance.

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